Chennai Mathematical Institute


Seminars for the year 2006
  • 26-12-06
    Generalised Euler constants
    Prof. M. Ram Murty
    Queen's University, Canada.

  • 20-12-06
    Grothendieck groups of Samuel Algebras
    Prof. M.P. Murthy
    University of Chicago, U.S.A.

  • 08-12-06
    Tilting modules for algebraic groups
    Dr. Upendra Kulkarni
    ISI, Bangalore.

  • 06-12-06
    Distributed synthesis for synchronous systems(Abstract)
    Paul Gastin
    LSV, ENS de Cachan, France.

  • 04-12-06
    The problem of tensor product multiplicities for the symmetric group(Abstract)
    Bharat Adsul
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 24-11-06
    Elementary optics from an advanced standpoint(Abstract)
    Prof. Rajaram Nityananda
    NCRA-TIFR, Pune.

  • 22-11-06
    Uncertainty Principles in Harmonic Analysis
    Dr. M. Sundari
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 17-11-06
    Arcs in Algebraic Geometry
    Zachary Treisnman
    TIFR, Mumbai.

  • 01-11-06
    The Maximal Invariance Group of Fluid Mechanics(Abstract)
    Dr. V.V. Sreedhar
    IIT, Kanpur.

  • 18-10-06
    A fresh look at testing for asynchronous communication(Abstract)
    Puneet Bhateja
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 28-09-06
    Three applications of Spectral gaps/Expander graphs in cryptography(Abstract)
    Ramarathnam Venkatesan
    Microsoft Research, Redmond and Bangalore.

  • 20-09-06
    Matching scenarios with timing constraints(Abstract)
    Prakash Chandrasekaran
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 25-08-06
    Determinant, Permanent and their Planar Restrictions(Abstract)
    Raghav Kulkarni
    University of Chicago.

  • 11-08-06
    Zero-cycles on hypersurfaces of low degree(Abstract)
    Anandam Banerjee
    Northeastern University, Boston, U.S.A.

  • 08-08-06
    From pointer systems to counter systems using shape analysis(Abstract)
    Arnaud Sangnier
    LSV, ENS de Cachan, France.

  • 27-07-06
    Some open questions concerning rational points on homogeneous spaces (INSA Srinivasa Ramanujan Medal Lecture - 2006)
    Prof. R. Parimala
    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.

  • 24-07-06
    Constant scalar curvature Kaehler metrics and the Calabi flow(Abstract)
    Valentino Tosatti
    Harvard University.

  • 20-07-06
    Approximation Algorithms for Power-Aware Scheduling of Wireless Sensor Networks with Rate and Duty-Cycle Constraints(Abstract)
    Rajgopal Kannan
    Louisiana State University.

  • 17-07-06
    Mordel-Lang Problems
    Prof. David Sinnou
    University of Paris VI, France.

  • 14-07-06
    Matched-factor d-domatic Colouring of Graphs(Abstract)
    K.S. Sudeep
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 28-04-06
    Algebraic groups in characteristic p: line bundles, Ext groups and sum formulas(Abstract)
    Dr. Upendra Kulkarni
    ISI, Bangalore.

  • 26-04-06
    On the geometry of surfaces of general type(Abstract)
    Prof. B.P. Purnaprajna
    University of Kansas, U.S.A.

  • 25-04-06
    Lower Bounds for The Cooperative Noisy Broadcast Problem(Abstract)
    Navin Goyal
    McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

  • 11-04-06
    An Invitation to Noncommutative Geometry(Abstract)
    Dr. Partha Sarathi Chakraborty
    Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

  • 22-03-06
    Schubert varieties, Classical and Affine
    Prof. V.Lakshmibai
    Northeastern University, U.S.A.

  • 24-03-06
    Seminar on Algebraic Geometry: On Bruhat decomposition over local principal ideal rings(Abstract)
    Dr. Amritanshu Prasad
    Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

  • 20-03-06
    Seminar on Algebraic Geometry: Steinberg tensor product theorem and Steinberg representation(Abstract)
    Dr. S. Senthamarai Kannan
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 13-02-06
    Seminar on Algebraic Geometry
    Dr. V. Balaji
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 25-01-06
    Seminar on Algebraic Geometry: "On Kempf's instability theorem"
    Dr. Suresh Nayak
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 02-02-06
    Simple $E_0$ semigroups and its generalisations(Abstract)
    Dr. R. Srinivasan
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 24-01-06
    Representations of surface groups and Higgs bundles(Abstract)
    Prof. Oscar Garcia-Prada
    CSIC, Madrid.

  • 18-01-06
    Minimizing flow time on related machines(Abstract)
    Naveen Garg
    IIT, Delhi.