Chennai Mathematical Institute

Dr. F.C. Kohli Centre of Excellence

Giulio Caviglia, May-June 2024

Professor Giulio Caviglia of Purdue University, West Lafayette will visit CMI in May-June, 2024. He will give 6-8 lectures titled Effective bounds in commutative algebra during 30 May — 11 Jun.

Topics: Dube's bound on Grobner basis, Kollar's effective Nullstellensatz, Hochster-Ananyan theorem for projective dimension and bounds for regularity.

More details will be announced here later.

Pre-requisites: Introductory commutative algebra, Hilbert series and free resolutions.

The target audience is beginning researchers in commutative algebra, but others with interest in this area are also welcome to participate. We will be able to accommodate up to 25 non-local participants.


Please send an email to Manoj Kummini (email address listed on that URL).

Deadline : 1st May 2024. We will consider late applications if there is a possibility of accommodating them.

If you are a student or a postdoc, please include a write-up (not more than two pages, PDF only) of your research interests and list of publications (if applicable).