Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.30 pm, Seminar Hall
Compactification of the moduli space of surfaces of general type $M_{4,5}$

Shashank Shekhar Dwivedi


Following the work of Kollar and Shepherd-Barron, and Alexeev, we know that there exists a compact coarse moduli space of `stable' surfaces with certain fixed Chern numbers. But we hardly know the explicit compactification of various components of the moduli space of surfaces. We are primarily interested in describing the boundary of the moduli space of surfaces with $c_1^2=4, \chi=5, p_g=4$. Since this is very much a work in progress, the talk will focus on various structures on the surfaces of interest, and various, apriori different, possible notions of compactification, each preserving a single structure.

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