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Workshop on Principal Bundles in Geometry (February - March 2009)

List of talks

  • Norbert Hoffmann, University of Gottingen,
    Line bundles on stacks of principal G-bundles and
    On moduli of special instanton bundles.

  • S. Subramaniam, TIFR Mumbai,
    Principal Bundles on the projective line.

  • Usha Bhosle, TIFR Mumbai,
    Coherent systems on nodal curves.

  • Jochen Heinloth, University of Amsterdam,
    Semistable reduction for principal bundles and
    Picard groups of moduli spaces for twisted groups and degenerations of the affine Grasmanian.

  • H. Lange, University of Erlangen,
    Abelianization and polarization on Prym varieties.

  • Yashonidhi Pandey, CMI,
    Prym Varieties and abelianization of $G$--bundles and
    Some remarks on abelianisation.

  • S.Ramanan, CMI,
    Kostant TDS and Vector bundles.

  • Alexander Schmitt, Freie Universitat Berlin,
    Geometric Invariant Theory and Principal Bundles and
    Principal Bundles on Nodal Curves.

  • V. Balaji, CMI,
    Holonomy Group Schemes of Algebraic Varieties.

  • Arijit Dey, TIFR Mumbai,
    Restriction of tangent bundle and semistability.

  • A.J. Parameswaran, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai,
    Picard Bundles & Brill-Noether Loci

  • Vivek, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai,
    Zero cycles and Roitman's theorem.

  • D.S. Nagaraj, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai,
    Vector bundles generated by section on P2

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