Chennai Mathematical Institute

PhD Programme

CMI has active PhD programmes in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. CMI also has a option for students to pursue a part-time PhD at the Institute.

The institute has close ties with the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. Seminars and courses are often conducted jointly by members of both institutes. It is also possible for students to pursue research work with faculty at either institute.

Admission procedure

Candidates are selected on the basis of an entrance examination held during May in various centres across the country, followed by an interview held in Chennai. Admission forms are normally distributed in early March: look for advertisements and announcements on the Admissions webpage. The academic programme usually begins in August.

The normal qualifications are MSc (for Mathematics and Physics) and MTech/ME (for Computer Science). Exceptional candidates with qualifications such as BSc/BTech/BE will also be considered.


At present, Research Scholars get a stipend of Rs 31000 per month for the first two years and Rs 35000 per month for the next three years, along with an annual book grant of Rs 10000. Scholars who do not stay in the hostel are eligible for a house rent allowance of 24% of stipend per month. The scholarship amounts are revised periodically, and are on par with the premier research institutes in India.

Part-Time PhD Programme

CMI has introduced a part-time PhD programme to allow students to complete a PhD while continuing to work for their parent organisations. The part-time PhD programme is primarily intended for candidates who are working in an environment where they can naturally pursue their PhD research side-by-side with their normal duties: e.g. college teachers or R&D professionals.

Part-time students are admitted based on an entrance examination and an interview, like regular PhD students. Students must already have a Masters degree to be admitted to the part-time PhD programme. There is a minimum residency requirement of one semester during the first year of the programme.