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MSc Mathematics

The aim of the MSc Programme in Mathematics is to introduce students to advanced topics in mathematics and lay a firm foundation for pursuing further research while also enabling students to acquire advanced skills that will enhance their effectiveness in professional careers.

The MSc Programme in Mathematics is a two-year course. Regular full semester courses at CMI carry 4 credits. A student must complete a minimum of 64 credits (16 regular courses) to earn an MSc degree in Mathematics. Some elective courses run for shorter periods and carry 2 credits or 1 credit. These may be accumulated to make up the credit requirement under Electives. Part of the course-work for the MSc Mathematics programme is concurrent with the PhD Mathematics programme.

Course Details

Semester ISemester II
First year
Semester IIISemester IV
Second year
Electives Note: Small variations may be incorporated in this schedule, as recommended by the Academic Council.