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BSc (Honours) Mathematics & Computer Science

The aim of the BSc (Honours) Programme in Mathematics and Computer Science is to train talented students for academic and professional careers requiring exceptional skills in mathematics and computing. The students undergo a core set of basic and advanced undergraduate courses in Mathematics. In addition, the programme also includes a number of courses on fundamental topics in Computer Science, including the design and analysis of algorithms, programming languages and computability theory.

The BSc (Honours) Programme in Mathematics and Computer Science is a three-year course. Regular full semester courses at CMI carry 4 credits. A student must complete a minimum of 112 credits (28 regular courses) to earn a BSc (Honours) degree. Some elective courses run for shorter periods and carry 2 credits or 1 credit. These may be accumulated to make up the credit requirement under Electives.

The following is the semester-wise schedule of courses.
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Course Details

Semester ISemester II
First year
Semester IIISemester IV
Second year
Semester VSemester VI
Third year

All students must complete a compulsory one semester non-credit course in Environmental Science.

Electives Note: Small variations may be incorporated in this schedule, as recommended by the Academic Council.