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Personal Glimpses

Former Students/Colleagues
Religious Education Mithran Devanesen
Mathematics Jothilingam P. (1959-1988)
Kamala Krithivasan   (1964-88)
Viswanath M.K. (1966-88)
Statistics Balaji T.K (1983-88)
Chandrasekaran M. (1968-88)
Govindaraju S. (1968-88)
Joseph D P James  (1971-88)
Ramadoss (1973-88)
Ramakrishnan R.  (1971-76)
Ruth Kattumuri (1980-88)

A Catalyst Par Excellence

Gift Siromoney (write-up)
Gift Siromoney and M. Abel (Letters)
Abdul Huq (1971-88)

Alexander Mantramurti (1965-88)
Julius Karunakaran (1960-88)
Sheela Julius

Abdul Huq (1971-88)
Chandrasekaran R. (1972-88)
Jeyasingh D.E.P. (1965-88)
Rani Siromoney (1951-88)
Department of Mathematics

From Family and Friends

Arul Siromoney
Blessing and Peter Jackson
Ida Doraiswamy

Mourning the loss

Bishop Heber Chapel Service March 22, 1988 Daniel J.T.K.  

Kurien C.T. 
Anderson Hall College thanksgiving service March 24, 1988 Dayanandan P.
Vijayathilakan J.P.
Bishop Heber Chapel Family thanksgiving service March 27, 1988 Abdul Huq
Job Thomas
Sam Victor

Gift Siromoney :  From a Campus Resident's Diary
Anne Dayanandan's Poem
Packiamuthu D.

Fitting Memorial

Narasimhan, R. (Introductory speech at the release of Memorial Volume I)
Narasimhan, R. (Preface in "A Perspective in Theroretical Computer Science")
Lockwood M.C. (Preface in "Indological Essays")

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