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Department of Mathematics

"During those days when only manual typing was accessible to us, I used to type my thesis manually which took many weeks for me. Dr.Gift used to visit me at home daily to encourage me. Whenever I had long academic discussions with my guide Dr.Rani Siromoney I used to wonder about my returning home, but Dr.Gift would appear there and would never hesitate to take me on his bike"
- K.G.Subramanian

"When I was contemplating on the choice of different titles for my Ph.D thesis, Dr.Gift helped me decide the most suitable"
- K.Rangarajan

"When I joined the faculty at MCC, Dr.Gift was the first one to give me the essential tips for teaching. He taught me intricate details in handling the Telescope in the Astronomy lab. During the Staff association meetings, if there was any tension between any staff members, I had seen Dr.Gift immediately cracking a joke to ease the tension and bring the situation under control"
-J.Samuel Cornelius

"I remember with gratitude Dr.Gift Siromoney, the support he gave and the concern he had for me while I was writing my Ph.D thesis. He took care of my thesis to the extent of choosing a colour for the wrapper! He gave me valuable tips for paper presentation at conferences. I was touched by his concern and affection when he came all the way on his motorbike to Meenambakkam not minding the cold morning to see me off at 4.00 A.M. during my first visit abroad"
-V.Rajkumar Dare

"Dr.Gift introduced me to the algebraic aspects of graph grammars which in turn helped me to choose the topic for my M.Phil dissertation and later in research work also"

" Dr Gift Siromoney used to advice me  as to " How To Teach". For example, if a piece of chalk fell down during a lecture do not pick it immediately but continue your lecture and pick up the chalk unnoticed"
-Gnanaraj Thomas

"It is still fresh in my memory the important tips Dr.Gift gave me when I was preparing to attend an interview for a teaching post. Whenever I had to work late in the department, he would make sure that I return home safely"
-Abisha Jayanthi

Members of the faculty, Department of Mathematics, Madras Christian College.

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