Chennai Mathematical Institute

Visiting Students

Visiting students can spend one or more semesters at CMI and attend regular courses being offered at CMI. This is subject to the consent of the faculty member teaching the course and logistical constraints such as class size. No stipend will be paid to visiting students and hostel accommodation is not available.

If you are interesting in spending time as a visiting student at CMI, please send an email to the CMI Admissions Committee at with details about your academic background, the course(s) you wish to pursue at CMI and your reasons for doing so.

The Admissions Committee will consider your request and make a final decision regarding your eligibility.


  • CMI normally does not take visiting students before they have completed two years of an undergraduate programme.

  • For students currently enrolled in another academic institution, CMI requires a formal letter from the parent institution permitting the student to undertake courses at CMI.