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Private donations received

Shriram Group of Companies Rs. 130 lakhs
Infosys Rs. 5 lakhs
Stroock Foundation
180 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038-4982
US$ 50,000
A friend US$ 35,000
Prof. Ravi Kulkarni
(through ARSI)
US$ 1050
Prof. Akhil and Nilima Kumar US$ 1000
Dr. S. A. Kelkar Rs. 1,000
T.R. Raghava Sastri Memorial Trust Rs. 2 lakhs
Prof. Ranga Rao Rs. 10,000
Prof. A. Sitaram Rs. 15,000
Dr. Usha Rubugunday
(in memory of Shri Raghunath Krishna Rubugunday)
Rs. 1 lakh
Dr. D. Kamala Rs. 25,000
Prof. J. K. Ghosh Rs. 45,000
Dr. Sandeep Chellapilla US$ 250
Prof. N. Mohan Kumar US$ 200
Prof. Pradeep and Sunita Shukla US$ 900
Prof. Madhav V. Nori US$ 1000
Prof. M.P. Murthy US$ 500
Prof. V. Lakshmibai US$ 1500
Prof. B. Purnaprajna US$ 100
Ms. Bhanu Jay US$ 50
Prof. Jayant M. Shah US$ 100
Prof. M. Ram Murty US$ 100
Prof. G.W. Schwarz US$ 100
Bharat International Trust Rs. 35,000
Prof. Shrawan Kumar Rs. 7,500
Mrs. Shanta Guhan
(for the Ideas for All Lecture Series to be instituted
in the memory of her late husband)
Rs. 50,000
Prof. M.G. Nadkarni
(towards the Ideas for All Lecture Series)
Rs. 500
Mr. C.S. Varadan Rs. 50,000

Please Note:

  1. Contributions to CMI from India are exempt from tax under section 35 1(ii) and 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  2. In the United States, the Foundation for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences from India, Inc. (ARSI), at the address below, will accept donations earmarked for CMI.

    Raju S. Kulkarni
    Foundation for the Advancement of Arts & Science from India Inc. (ARSI),
    1 Wayward Oaks, San Antonio,
    Texas 78248, USA.

    ARSI is a tax-exempt organisation in the US, incorporated in the state of New York. A person in the US making an earmarked donation to ARSI will be able to claim tax exemption in the US to the extent permitted by the federal and state laws.