Quantitative Automata Theory

Instructors:   C. Aiswarya and B. Srivathsan

January - April 2016


Lectures Tuesday   9:10 - 10:25 Lecture Hall 3
Thursday   9:10 - 10:25 Lecture Hall 3


[1] Slides (in English) of a tutorial by Jean-Eric Pin

[2] Slides (in French) of the formal language course at ENS-Cachan by Paul Gastin. The last five pages is about sequential functions.

Details of Timed Automata Lectures

Lecture 1 15.03.2016 (Tue) Timed languages and timed automata Slides
Lecture 2 17.03.2016 (Thu) Closure properties of timed languages Slides
Lecture 3 22.03.2016 (Tue) Untiming construction Notes
Lecture 4 24.03.2016 (Thu) Universality is undecidable Slides
Lecture 5 29.03.2016 (Tue) Determinizing timed automata; Determinizable subclasses - ERA, IRTA and SNZ;
Method to determinize ERA; (Method for IRTA, SNZ - not needed for exam)
Lecture 6 31.03.2016 (Thu) Zone based reachability algorithm for timed automata Notes

Lecture 7 05.04.2016 (Tue) Operations on zones Partial notes
Lecture 8 07.04.2016 (Thu) Timed automata with diagonal constraints Notes
12.04.2016 (Tue) Practice Problems
Lecture 9 12.04.2016 (Tue) Universality for one-clock timed automata is decidable Slides