Come with your own Laptop

  1. Please note that the course will assume prior familiarity with R and Python. The course is primarily conceptual, and the laboratory exercises will heavily rely on R and Python. Given the course design and planned content, please prepare accordingly for the class.
  2. For R and python, there are multiple learning resources available, such as:
    1. Python Click Here
    2. R Cleck Here
  3. We encourage strongly to come with your own laptop
  4. Familiarity with R and Python is require.
  5. Also, we firmly suggest that you should install R-Studio (after installing the base-R).
  6. Install R and R-Studio for Mac

  7. Install R and R-Studio for Windows

  8. Install Python for Windows

Prepare Yourself for the School

You can go through the following lecture series to prepare yourself for the winter school.
  1. Fundamentals of Statistics by Philippe Rigollet by MIT OpenCourseWare

  2. Introduction to Algorithm and Data Structure by Srini Devadas by MIT OpenCourseWare

  3. Review sessions on Linear Algebra given at Princeton University in Spring 2008 by Prof Adrian Banner.

  4. You can check the other lectures of the above three series on the YouTube.
  5. Introduction to Financial Market by Robert Shiller