Madhavan Mukund

Netcharts: Bridging the gap between HMSCs and executable specifications

M Mukund, K Narayan Kumar and P S Thiagarajan

Proc. CONCUR '03, Springer LNCS 2761 (2003) 296-310.

© Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg


We define a new notation called netcharts for describing sets of message sequence chart scenarios (MSCs). Netcharts correspond to a distributed version of High-level Message Sequence Charts (HMSCs). Netcharts improve on HMSCs in two respects.

  1. Netcharts admit a natural and direct translation into communicating finite-state machines, unlike HMSCs, for which the realization problem is nontrivial.

  2. Netcharts can describe all regular MSC languages (sets of MSCs in which channel capacities have a finite upper bound), unlike HMSCs, which can only describe finitely-generated regular MSC languages.

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