Madhavan Mukund

Local and Symbolic Bisimulation Using Tabled Constraint Logic Programming

S Basu, M Mukund, C R Ramakrishnan, I V Ramakrishnan and R M Verma

Proc. ICLP '01, Springer LNCS 2237: 166-180

© Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg


Bisimulation is a fundamental notion that characterizes be havioral equivalence of concurrent systems. In this paper, we study the problem of encoding efficient bisimulation checkers for finite- as well as infinite-state systems as logic programs. We begin with a straightforward and short (less than 10 lines) encoding of finite-state bisimulation checker as a tabled logic program. In a goal-directed system like XSB, this encoding yields a local bisimulation checker: one where state space exploration is done only until a dissimilarity is revealed. More importantly, the logic programming formulation of local bisimulation can be extended to do symbolic bisimulation for checking the equivalence of infinite-state con- current systems represented by symbolic transition systems. We show how the two variants of symbolic bisimulation (late and early equivalences) can be formulated as a tabled constraint logic program in a way that precisely brings out their differences. Finally, we show that our symbolic bisimulation checker actually outperforms non-symbolic checkers even for relatively small finite-state systems.