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I am a post graduate in Theoretical Computer Science from The Chennai Mathematical Institute. With one year to go before completing my Masters, I started work at Pinstorm Technologies, the largest Search Engine Marketing company in Asia.

I spent the next one year shuffling between being a team lead at Pinstorm located in Mumbai, and completing my Masters program. I completed his Masters in 2007 - my Thesis consisted of my work at Pinstorm and was titled "Search Marketing Support Tools" - a small part this work was presented at the SearchCamp2007 an even organized by the Knowledge Foundation.

Current Work

At Pinstorm I was entrusted with the responsibility of building a research team from scratch. The team which, one and a half years ago, consisted of just one person now consists of close to 12 people from 4 nationalities.

Pinstorm is amongst the few online marketing companies that has an active research and development team - Internally called Science. The team works on state of the art technologies in an attempt to equip Pinstorm with the ability to provide better advertising solutions.

The Science division of Pinstorm, under my leadership, has developed several advertising solutions that are innovative, efficient and cost effective. These include, "Live Context" a systems that enables the advertising of dynamic content and Broadwords, a system that generates keywords for use in Search Marketing.