hello,  I  am  suman, popularly  known as namus. I am
a  JRF (Junior Research Fellow) at Chennai  Mathematical  Institute ( CMI).

Having  completed  the  BSc
(Maths  and  CS)
and the M.Sc. studies (details
here)  in  the  same 
institute, I am currently
  finishing the 7th  year
of  my  stay  here,  as  well  as  stretching  out
my  hand  in  search  of  some  luck  in  research in  the field  of  algebraic  geometry.

some past: I appeared in the Regional Mathematical  Olympiad  and  the Indian  national  Mathematical
Olympiad  in 1997  successfully,  and   attended  the 
mathematical  courses  at  the   Mumbai
camp  held
in  BARC  campus  at  Anushaktinagar.

 I  do not  succeed  but  I  never  give up.
this is how
I always figure out how  to...

(thinking_namus - picture)

The  favouritemost  thing  in  my  life  has  always  been
music  and  that
  will  remain  my first  choice  till  the
last  day  of  my  life.

mail to contact me at suman@cmi.ac.in
here are some academic lynx

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