Discrete Mathematics

January - April 2014

Course description

This course is aimed at M. Sc Applications of Mathematics students.

A tentative plan of the course is given below.


Lectures Mon   14:00 - 15:15 Lecture Hall B
Wed   14:00 - 15:15 Lecture Hall B


Mid-semester exam 50%
End-semester exam 50%


[1] H.S. Hall and S.R. Knight:   Higher Algebra

[2] Kenneth Rosen:   Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (Seventh edition)

[3] J. Matoušek and J. Nešetřil:   Invitation to Discrete Mathematics (Second edition),   Oxford University Press.

Topics, reading material and exercises

Topic Practice problems
Permutations, Combinations, Binomial Theorem and Progressions Tutorial 1     Tutorial 2
Recurrence relations Problems 1 - 20 from Chapter 8.1 of [2]
Generating functions
Graph Theory Chapter 4 of [3]