This course is taken by Manindra Agrawal. Half way down the course, he started on the PCP theorems and I thought it would be good to scribe the notes. I shall try to make it as detailed as possible.

Goes without saying, if anyone notices any serious mistakes in my notes, please tell me.

Lecture 1: Derandomization: The Deathly Hallows [PDF] [TeX]
Lecture 2: Expanders: Spectral and Vertex Expansion [PDF] [TeX]
Lecture 3: Random Walks on Expanders [PDF] [TeX]
Lecture 4: Constructing Expanders: The Zig-Zag Product [PDF] [TeX]
Lecture 5: Towards the Proof of PCP Theorem [PDF] [TeX]
Lecture 6: Gap Amplification [PDF] [TeX]

And a single file with all the above lectures together: here.