Warning: It has been ages since I looked at any of these notes, and very likely won't proof-read them in the near future. Proceed at your own risk.

True story: Sometime back, I wanted a quick reference to Trevisan's extractor. I googled for 'trevisan extractor lecture notes', opened the first pdf and started reading. Within about 10 minutes, I was so annoyed by the number of typos/errors that I decided to scroll up and see who the moronic scribe was. It turned out to be 'Ramprasad Saptharishi'.

So yes, I'm just warning you that a lot of these notes is likely to have a lot of typos/errors etc. I didn't proof-read them carefully (and not sure when I would). But if you do spot some error and would like me to fix it, send me an email. I shall try to fix that at the earliest (seriously). But since most of the source TeX files are available here as well, I'd appreciate it if you can make the change and email the corrected file.