Hi! I'm Neel!

About Me

I am a B.Sc. (Math-CS Hons.) 3rd Year student at Chennai Mathematical Institute. I hail from West Bengal, India. I have done my schooling in my home state under the CBSE board. I really love Maths! I am also a swimmer and a basketball player. I am really enthusiastic about watching football.

Feel free to mail me at neelraha@cmi.ac.in


Basketball Tournament (Jan-Apr 2016)

Academics - CMI Courses

The following are some links regarding the courses I have taken ...

Semester I

Semester II

Semester III

Semester IV

Semester V

Semester VI

( * denotes Optional Course )
( ** means that I attended that course, informally! )

Academics - My Articles

Some stuff from my internship ...

May-July 2016
  • Maximally Entangled States  -    pdf    ps
  • A Study of CHSHq Games  -    pdf    ps

Some more articles that I have written ...

  • A T0 topological group is T1 and T2  -    pdf
  • An Introduction to Quantum Computation  -    pdf
  • Generalization of CHSHq Games to Multi-Party Setting  -    pdf    ps