Malathi Velamuri


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Ph.D. (Economics), University of Texas at Austin, 2004

M.S. (Economics), University of Texas at Austin, 2000

M.A. (Economics), Madras University, 1989




Adjunct Faculty, Chennai Mathematical Institute, 2015 -

Visiting Faculty, Chennai Mathematical Institute, 2011 - 2015

Visiting Faculty, Madras School of Economics, 2011 - 2015

Consultant, World Bank, February 2012 -

Visiting Faculty, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, 2012.

Lecturer (tenured), School of Economics and Finance, Victoria University of Wellington, 2004 -  2010


Research Interests

Health, Labor supply, Education, Well-being, Savings



Masters, Honours and Undergraduate courses in Labour Economics (Honours), Microeconomics (Masters and undergraduate), Game Theory (Masters)


Other Professional Work

-  Referee for Health Economics, Journal of Health Economics, European Journal of Health Economics, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Contemporary Economic Policy, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Reserve Bank of New Zealand Discussion Papers and New Zealand Economic Papers

-  Supervisor, Masters theses (Victoria University of Wellington)

-  External Examinor, Ph.D. theses (University of Madras), Masters theses (Madras School of Economics)

-  Consultant for New Zealand Ministry of Justice, 2006

-  Peer reviewer for New Zealand Families Commission Report, Assessing the Impacts of Government Policies on Families, 2005

-  Peer reviewer for New Zealand Ministry of Education Report, Outcomes of early childhood education: Literature review, 2007

-  Recruiting Committee, School of Economics and Finance, 2006-\D407

-  School of Economics and Finance representative, Student exchange scholarship committee, Faculty of Commerce and Administration, 2009-\D410



Published and Forthcoming Articles


-      "A Life-Course Perspective on Gender Differences in Cognitive Functioning in India" (with Ilke Onur), Journal of Human Capital (Univ. of Chicago Press), forthcoming.

-      The Impact of Private Hospital Insurance on the Utilization of Hospital Care in Australia (with Damien Eldridge and Ilke Onur), Applied Economics, 2016,

-      Improving Student Learning via Mobile Phone Video Content: Evidence from the BridgeIT India Project (with Matthew Wennersten  and Zubeeda Banu Quraishy), International Review of Education (UNESCO), 61(4), 2015, pp. 503-528.

-      The Conundrum of Profitability Versus Soundness for Banks by Ownership Type: Evidence from the Indian Banking Sector (with Sreejata Banerjee), Review of Financial Economics, 26, 2015, pp.12-24.

-      Competition, Endogeneity and the Winning Bid: an Empirical Analysis of eBay auctions (with Ilke Onur),  Information Economics and Policy, 26, March 2014, pp.68-74.

-      Taxes, Health Insurance and Women's Self-Employment", Contemporary Economic Policy, 30 (2), April 2012, pp.162-177.

-      The Long-Run Impact of New Zealand\D5s Structural Reform on Local Communities (with Andrew Aitken and Steve Stillman), Journal of Comparative Economics, 38(4), December 2010, pp.432-448.

-       "Immigration Selection and the Returns to Human Capital in New Zealand and Australia" (with Steven Stillman), Department of Labour Research Report, August 2010 (

-      Is the Internet Bad News? The Online News Era and the Market for High Quality News" (with Paul Frijters), Review of Network Economics (Berkeley Electronic Press), 9 (2), June 2010,

-      Longitudinal Evidence on the Impact of Victimisation on Labour Market Outcomes and General Well-Being (with Steve Stillman), September 2009,

Conference Proceedings, LEW Conference, Wellington



Other Published Work


o      Live Long and Prosper - Aging in East Asia and Pacific, World Bank East Asia and Pacific Regional Report, 2015 (Contributor)

o      Cost of Crime (with Steve Stillman), Report Prepared for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, 2006


Working Papers


o      Measuring Individual and Household Saving in Australia (with Steven Stillman and Yun Liang), July 2015

o    If Life Throws You Lemons Try To Make Lemonade: Does Locus of Control Help People Cope with Unexpected Shocks (with Steven Stillman), September 2016

o  The burden of Ignorance: A Comparison on Self-reported and Objective Measures of Health Status in India (with Ilke Onur), August 2016





o   2015: European Society of Population Economics (ESPE) Annual Meetings, Izmir, Turkey

o   2014: University of Adelaide, Australia, August

o   2011: Workshop on Impact Evaluation of Public Health Programs, Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), invited speaker, July

o   2009: New Zealand Association of Economists Annual Meeting, Wellington, June; Labour, Employment and Work Conference, Wellington, February; University of Melbourne seminar, June; La Trobe University (Melbourne) seminar, June

o   2008: Econometrics Society (Australasia) Annual Meetings, Wellington, July; Macquarie University (Sydney) seminar

o   2007: Society of Labor Economists (SOLE), Chicago, May; New Zealand Association of Economists Annual Meeting, Christchurch, June; Econometrics Society (Australasia) Annual Meetings, Brisbane, July

o   2006: Madras School of Economics, Chennai, India, January; Econometrics Society (Australasia) Annual Meetings, Alice Springs, July; European Association of Labour Economists (EALE) Annual Meetings, Prague, September

o   2005: Department of Economics, University of Auckland, October; Society of Labor Economists (SOLE)/European Association of Labour Economists (EALE),

o   San Francisco, May; Labour Econometrics Workshop, Sydney, August; Hilda Conference, Melbourne, September; New Zealand Association of Economists Annual Meeting, Christchurch, June


Fellowships and Awards


~  Awarded University Research grant, Victoria University of Wellington, 2009 (principal investigator)

~  Awarded University Research grant, Victoria University of Wellington, 2010 (associate investigator)

~  Awarded New Faculty Research grant, Victoria University of Wellington, April 2008

~  Fellowship, Department of Economics, University of Texas at Austin, 1998

~  Student award - Certificate of merit for paper Taxes, Health Insurance and Women's Occupational Choices", presented at Southwestern Economic Association Annual Conference, Corpus Christi, 2004

~  University top honours for M.A., Madras University, 1989