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I have done my schooling from R.K.Mission Boys' Home High School, Rahara, one of the most renowned schools in West Bengal. I did my secondary as well as Higher Secondary studies from there. Then I got chance in CMI for B.Sc. degree in 2013. I am currently in 3rd year. Though I was a Math lover (still I am), but I have grown much interest in Theoretical Computer Science after coming here. I am mostly interested in Automata kind of stuff and a bit in Algorithmic Game Theory. For more about my academics, one can check out my CV here. Here are the notes of some courses I have taken in CMI which may be usefull for all students in this field.

About Me

Hey There! It's Anirban Majumdar here! Naam to sunahi hoga! So what about me? Too much exclamation I'm using right!! Anyways, I'm from Kolkata, West Bengal. My motto in life is to Sleep, Sleep and Sleep. Not really though!! I like to play Cricket. Once upon a time I used to practice Judo also. So what do I do now-a-days? Even I don't know!! Hold on! Are you looking for any serious things here?? Oh! sorry about that... By the way, wasn't the previous piece of information serious? Want to know my interests in academic field? Then the obvious choice for you is to click on Academics at left of this section. What else? I like to listen to music and watch movies. But I am lethargic enough to do these. I also like to play few computer games like FIFA (implies I don't like PES), Counter-Strike (But I don't like COD or 'Medal of Honor' at all), Age of Empires (I like 'Rise Of Nations' too). And, how can I forget Hitman, PoP & Assasin's Creed? Also I like blablabla. Oh! I meant that I like this particular word 'blablabla' (it's not a word though). That's enough about me for "about me". So what about you?


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