CMI Webinar series on Recent Connections to GCT and Progress in GCT

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Date Time Speaker (click for more details) Title (Click for more details)
Apr 29, Wed 8:00 PM Anna Seigal Torus Actions and Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Apr 29, Wed 8:45 PM Phillip Reichenbach Invariant Theory and Matrix Normal Models
May 06, Wed 8:00 PM Kathlén Kohn Gaussian group models-I
May 6, Wed 8:45 PM Améndola Carlos Gaussian group models-II
May 13, Wed 8:00 PM Christian Ikenmeyer Implementing Geometric Complexity Theory: On the Separation of Orbit Closures via Symmetries
May 20, Wed 8:00 PM
May 27, Wed 8:00 PM Cole Franks Rigorous Guarantees for Tyler's M-estimator via quantum expansion
Jun 03, Wed 8:00 PMTasuku Soma Information geometry of operator scaling

Jun 11, Thu

8:00 PM Michael Walter Towards a theory of non-commutative optimization: geodesic first and second order methods for moment maps and polytopes
Jun 17, Wed 8:00 PM Jeroen Zuiddam Geometric rank of tensors
Jun 24, Wed 8:00 PM Joseph Landsberg The complexity of matrix multiplication: history and recent progress
Jul 22, Wed 8:00 PM Anuj Dawar A lower bound for symmetric circuits for the permanent
Jul 29, Wed 8:00 PM Visu Makkam Maximum Likelihood estimation for matrix normal models via quiver representations