Govind S. Krishnaswami

Graduate Students

  1. Sachin Phatak: Field theoretic viewpoints on certain fluid mechanical phenomena (2020). CTO at

  2. Sonakshi Sachdev: Conservative regularization of neutral fluids and plasmas (2020). Postdoc at IIT Kanpur.

  3. Himalaya Senapati: Instabilities and chaos in the classical three-body and three-rotor problems (2020). Postdoc at IIT Madras, now Associate at Goldman Sachs.

  4. T R Vishnu: Integrability and dynamics of the Rajeev-Ranken model (2021). Postdoc at Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru.

  5. Ankit Yadav: Nonlinear dynamical systems

  6. Pritish Sinha: Theoretical Physics

Some projects and theses supervised

  1. The KdV equation - Nana Siddharth B.Sc. thesis 2010-11.

  2. Renormalization of the two dimensional Dirac delta potential - Uddhipan Thakur, B.Sc. thesis 2011-12.

  3. Coherent states and their properties - Sonakshi Sachdev, Summer project 2012.

  4. Renormalization group approach to Ising model - Himalaya Senapati, Summer project 2012.

  5. Mechanics and stability on the hyperbolic plane - Sourabh Nampalliwar, Summer project 2012.

  6. Mechanics, geometry and group theory of Poincare upper half-plane - Sonakshi Sachdev, Summer & Autumn project 2012.

  7. 2D Ising Model: Analytic and Numerical approaches - Himalaya Senapati, B.Sc. thesis 2012-13.

  8. Rigid body dynamics on its configuration manifold - Sonakshi Sachdev, B.Sc. thesis 2012-13.

  9. Fluid mechanics and the Higgs mechanism - Sachin Phatak, M.Sc. thesis 2013-14.

  10. Conservative regularization of compressible fluid and MHD equations - Sonakshi Sachdev, M.Sc. thesis 2014-15.

  11. Classical three body problem and stability analysis - Himalaya Senapati, M.Sc. thesis 2014-15.

  12. Integrability and inverse scattering transform for the KdV equation - T R Vishnu, M.Sc. thesis 2015-16.

  13. Topics in quantum field theory - Shanmugapriya Prakasam, Summer & Autumn 2018.

  14. Mechanics and geometry - Shivangi Dhiman, Summer 2020.

  15. Dynamical systems - Ankit Yadav, Summer 2020.