Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) is a center of excellence for teaching and research in the mathematical sciences. CMI founded in 1989 as part of the SPIC Science Foundation and became an autonomous institute since 1996. CMI aims to bridge the gap between teaching and research in India through focussed programs in Mathematical Sciences. CMI occupies a unique position in Indian academia, attracting substantial funding from both corporate and government sources.

CMI offers programs in Mathematics, Data Science, Computer Science, and Theoretical Physics. The institute has a small student-to-faculty ratio and an education characterized by its focus on creating and implementing solutions for real problems, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovation.

The institute's diverse community, focus on strong student-faculty ties and commitment to education outside the classroom combine to create a unique learning environment.

CMI team (Sreejata Bhattacharyya, Rajat De, Debjit Paria) qualifies for ACM ICPC World Finals, May 2019.

Welcome to the Data Science Group of CMI

CMI has carved a niche for itself in the field of mathematics teaching and research. It is also home to world-class scientists working in the field of theoretical computer-science, physics and statistics. The Data Science group at CMI has emerged as a natural extension of its expertise in these fields. Our data science program offers the unique opportunity to study in an environment that is deeply academic, inspiringly professional and yet refreshingly friendly.

All our faculty members are active researchers in their respective fields. CMI successfully attracts the best teaching talent, among whom are Bhatnagar Awardees, Members of International Mathematical Societies and Fellows of Indian National Science Academy. They are India's exceptional group of Scientists and Researches in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science & Theoretical Physics, determined to push the frontiers in research and technology.

CMI's faculty conduct state-of-the-art research and contribute to the growing global scholastic community. They are continuously innovating, and the new knowledge they create and the methods they discover routinely benefit classroom learning.

CMI attracts unconventional thinkers with creativity and curiosity and places them in a resource-rich environment, which encourages them to explore new frontiers.

Our students are selected via a rigorous all-India entrance exam. We try and nurture a deep understanding of Mathematics enabling our students to discover innovative solutions to challenging problems. The intention is to push our students to challenge themselves and motivate independent research, which is a vital component of education at CMI. Students can initiate projects of their own or become involved with existing ones on campus. Our students work shoulder-to-shoulder with faculty to tackle real-world challenges, and translate ideas into action.

In CMI, we celebrate the beauty and creative power of science, technology, and math, and we take special efforts to spark that same passion in students. Students can explore more than one field of study while developing a robust professional core. The institute encourages students to expand their thinking and explore new ideas. CMI's thorough theoretical and applied coursework prepares students to drive innovation in a competitive environment.

Thorough in-depth theoretical and applied coursework, student-centered academic training, and diverse and collaborative culture, CMI prepares students to drive innovation in the fields inside and outside of the academia. CMI provides the academic rigor combined with practical training as required in industry. Our offerings are designed to build in-depth knowledge and skills leading to subject matter expertise, which can be applied in the workplace.

Corporate and Industrial Relationships

CMI occupies a unique position in Indian academia, attracting substantial funding from both corporate and government sources.

CMI has taken active steps to engage with industry in areas related to mathematical sciences. We conduct short-term training programmes in machine learning, including in-house customized training. In addition, we undertake projects in several areas related to analytics and machine learning. The goal is to provide state-of-the-art solution for industrial problems requiring deep computational and analytical insight.

Some past/present projects
  • Short courses on Machine Learning and related topics for organizations such as Cognizant, Global Analytics, MRF, Tech Mahindra and NatWest.
  • Collaboration in the field of a large scale formal verification with the TRDDC, Pune.
  • Consulting for Honeywell Technologies on verification of avionics software.
  • Consulting for Skylark Drones on analysis of UAV imagery.
  • Audit Helper solution development for Cognizant Technologies.

Some of the CMI graduates have created startups