Chennai Mathematical Institute


Lecture Announcement
Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2022.
Time: 3:30 PM.
Venue: Seminar Hall. (This will be a hybrid talk.)
Graded components of local cohomology modules supported on C-monomial ideals

Sudeshna Roy
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


Suppose that R = Z[X_1, ... , X_n] is a polynomial ring with the standard multigrading and I = (a_1U_1, ... , a_rU_r) is an ideal where ai \in Z and Ui's are monomials in X_1, ... , X_n. We call such an ideal I as C-monomial ideal. We will discuss a structure theorem for the multigraded components of the local cohomology modules H^i_I(R). We will further analyze the torsion part and the torsion-free part of these components. As a consequence, we will show that their Bass numbers are  finite. This talk is based on an ongoing joint work with T. J. Puthenpurakal.