Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.30-4.45 pm, Seminar Hall
In Search of the Eternal: With Metaphors of Kalidasa

Shekhar Shastri
Director, Meru Education Foundation.


In ancient India, poetry was considered the highest intellectual endeavor. The art and science of communicating the enigmatic essence with aesthetic flair was the universal goal of Sanskrit poetry. Peerless poet Kalidasa embodied that ideal in his poems and plays through his magical metaphors and symbolism. On a chariot of his verses, we undertake a journey in search of eternal romance and explore if there are lessons in there for us to become the source of delight for those around us.

Shekhar Shastri is a poet, musician and a dramatist. He lectures on Sanskrit Poetics and Dramaturgy at MIT, USA. He is the Director of Meru Education Foundation.