Chennai Mathematical Institute


3:30 pm, Seminar Hall
Walk the talk -- Between the lines and around the worlds A Spoken word Performance-lecture

Claus Ankersen
Writer in Residence, 2016, Chennai Mathematical Institute Arts Initiative.


A performance reading showcase and informal talk on living and traveling the world as a poet. On love and r/evolution.

About the speaker:

Claus Ankersen, intergalactic traveler, is the author of 5 books in his native Denmark, where he is a leading voice in performance poetry. The author works bilingually in Danish and English and writes poetry, short stories and longer fiction, usually dealing with esoterics, systems-critique, love, r/evolution and magical reality. Claus has often been likened to colleagues such as Alan Ginsberg, Dan Turell and Hunter S. Thompson. The author has been published internationally, done readings in 18 countries, while selected pieces have seen translation in 11 languages.

Claus works cross-disciplinary; in 2009 he made a feature length documentary film on Danish spoken word and in 2014 he received The Fencepole award for best public visual artwork, the 20x3 meter letter stelae installation 'Always'.

Latest publications include a short story and poems in two swedish litmags (Little Finger/Floret), as well as poems in the international anthology 'Intercity Flow' (AkZuban, 2015). Latest venues includes London Festival Hall where Claus performed at the launch of Intercity Flow during the London Book Festival, and the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai, India, where Claus read and participated in a multidisciplinary panel discussion on hybrid art at the David Sassoon Library Gardens.

The author is perpetually engaged in international coorporation and is Vice-member of the board of Finnish poetry organization, Runoviikko, as well as founder of 'Army of Poets' - an emerging global network of activist poets. In 2016 Claus will see publication in territories as diverse as Romania, Ukraine, Finland and Australia.

Being a Sangam House Fellow and a Studio Arnawaz Fellow, Claus is currently on his third Indian fellowship with the CMI arts initiative.

When he is not writing and performing, Claus is developing his own mystery school of yoga and magic, cooking and talking back to nature.