Chennai Mathematical Institute


2.00 pm, Seminar Hall
Higher Spin de Sitter Quantum Gravity

Rudranil Basu


We consider Einstein gravity with positive cosmological constant coupled with higher spin interactions and calculate Euclidean path integral perturbatively. We confine ourselves to the static patch of the 3 dimensional de Sitter space. This geometry, when Euclideanlized is equivalent to 3-sphere. However, infinite number of topological quotients of this space by discrete subgroups of the isometry group are valid Euclidean saddles as well. The case of pure Einstein gravity is known to give a diverging answer, when all saddles are included as contribution to the thermal partition functions (also interpreted as the Hartle Hawking state in the cosmological scenario). We show how higher spins, described by metric-Fronsdal fields help making the partition function finite. We find a curious fact that this convergence is not achieved by mere inclusion of spin-3, but requires spin-4 interactions.