Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.00 pm, Lecture Hall 6
Rank-level duality for conformal blocks of type so(2m+1)

Swarnava Mukhopadhyaya
University of Maryland.


Classical invariants of tensor products of representations of one Lie group can often be related to invariants of some other Lie group. Physics suggests that the right objects to consider for these questions are certain refinements of these invariants known as conformal blocks. Conformal blocks appear in algebraic geometry as spaces of global sections of line bundles on the moduli stack of parabolic bundles on a smooth curve. Rank-level duality connects a conformal block associated to one Lie algebra to a conformal block for a different Lie algebra. In this talk we will discuss a formulation of rank-level duality using conformal embeddings of Lie algebras. We will also give an outline of our proof of the rank-level duality for type so(2m+1).