Chennai Mathematical Institute

Lecture Series

Professor David Mumford of Brown University will be in residence at
the Chennai Mathematical Institute from the 7th of January to the 24th
of February, 2008.

During this time he will conduct a seminar on "Topics in the History
of Indian and Western Mathematics" in collaboration with Professors
P.P.Divakaran, R.Sridharan and M.D.Srinivas.

The seminar will meet every Friday. The timings of the talks are as
follows: on days when there is one talk, it shall be from 2:15 to
3:30. On days there are two, the first talk shall be from 10:45 to
12:00, and the second from 2:15 to 3:30.

   January  11 - D.Mumford, Negative numbers.

   January  18 - M.S.Sriram, Indian planetary models.

   January  25 - (1) M.D.Srinivas, Calculus;

                 (2) S.G.Dani, Sulvasutra geometry.

   February  1 - (1) K.Ramasubramanian, Calculus;

                 (2) D.Mumford, Calculus

   February  8 - A.Datta, Kuttaka, Bhavana and Chakravala.

   February 15 - (1) R.Champakalakshmi, Contacts between India and
                     the West post Alexander;

                 (2) F.Staal, From linguistics to mathematics.

   February 22 - (1) R.Sridharan, Sanskrit Prosody, its combinatorics, 
                     and thereafter

                 (2) R.Narasimha, The epistemology underlying the
                     Indian culture of proving.