My advisors are R. Ramanujam and S. P. Suresh. I am currently working on formal aspects of partial secrecy and zero-knowledge in security protocols. I'm interested in the areas of logic, security, proof theory and verification.


  • The complexity of disjunction in intuitionistic logic [PDF]
    R Ramanujam, Vaishnavi Sundararajan and S P Suresh.
    Proc. LFCS 2016, Springer LNCS volume 9537, pages 349–363.

  • Extending Dolev-Yao with assertions [PDF]
    R Ramanujam, Vaishnavi Sundararajan and S P Suresh.
    Proc. ICISS 2014, Springer LNCS volume 8880, pages 50–68.

  • Chaotic time series prediction using combination of Hidden Markov Model and Neural Nets [PDF]
    Saurabh Bharadwaj, Smriti Srivastava, S Vaishnavi and J R P Gupta.
    Proc. International Conference on CISIM 2010, pages 585–589.

  • Time-efficient dynamic scene management using octrees [PDF]
    Anand Gupta, S Vaishnavi and Saurav Malviya.
    Proc. IEEE International Multitopic Conference 2008, pages 111–115.

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