I am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Group at the Chennai Mathematical Institute, India. My research interest focuses on solving problems of Financial Mathematics, Statistical Machine Learning, and Bayesian methodology.

I am visiting University of Southampton, as Commonwealth Rutherford Fellow. Therefore I will be away from CMI until March 2019. During this time I am not accepting any intern student.

My Blog:

You can find my recent blogpost here. On July 21,2012 I post an argument saying India is probably in a gold bubble and one should stay out of Gold market or should take a cautious approach. Presented the performance of Gold after my prediction. Glad that my prediction was right and I hope it helped people.

StatFin Conference

We organize a conference series on Statistical Methods in Finance. The aim is to expose participants to new and active areas of research and to engage researchers into active working groups. For more detail - Click Here

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