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Boring!! Screw ppd!        (written in his notebook during one of the boring classes )      - the one who shall not be named

who needs girls when you have particles                                                                     - the same "one"

Love is so deep that i dont want to fall in it                                                                 - yours truly

Life is a Bitch! I am a Dog!                                                                                        - yours truly

Files empty! Folders empty! my ass empty!!!!   ..(frustrated by messages in computer)  - the one who was not named earlier

dont kill the chicken which lays golden egg! clone it!!                                                
- the fat one (not me)
(or get it a cock!) (pun intended)                                                                         

fortune favors the brave. 80 % of the suicides attempts are failures.                              - yours truly
is this a proof or a contradiction?

Eternal is time dependent                                                                                           -the one

Death is an open problem                                                                                          - the one

One Man's pee wont spoil the sea                                                                               - yours truly

Love is Maths, Making love is physics                                                                       - the fat one

Its a Crime, not to have a Rhyme                                                                               - the Rover

daydreams of night make the nightmares of day                                                          - karthik balasubramanium

tell me tell me what to do... should i fuck or should i screw                                         - yours truly

Open Book. Open Notes. Open Problems.                                                                  - the one on an exam

Give me a Pen, and i'll give you a manifold
later revised to
Give me a Pen with ink and i'll give you a manifold                                                    - yours truly and the fat one

History repeats itself. writing the statement is itself its proof                                        - yours truly

Pollution creates a cloud without silver lining                                                             - The FAT One

Pi meson is a recognized and a perfectly respectable particle                                       - Prof. R Parthasarthy in a quantum mech class when anirbit said that there is debate going on over pi meson being a particle.

Spamming is the birth right, of every CMI-ite.                                                           - yours truly

The line between genius and crazy, is very fine, and hazy                                            - Anirbit (adapted from tagore's quotes)

Carrom in a nutshell - Sometimes it goes, Sometimes it doesn't.                                   - Preyas
also Sex in a nutshell.

I was born stupid. education still ruined me.                                                                -Anshul

Having done the 'none'...                                                                                             -Prof. Madhavan in a class

Cavity is a jail without bail.                                                                                        -Prof. Simon on electromagnetic radiation

Pee, and the world pees with you. Shit and you shit alone.                                            -The great one from some unknown sources.

if you concentrate on the babe, you'll loose the baby                                                     -Prof Simon

tough luck, i suck. Who am I? CMI.                                                                            -Yours truly and the FAT one

Fart like a dart, a dart through my heart.                                                                 -Yours truly and the Fat one

Fuck. I suck.                                                                                                                      -Yours truly

Fuck fuck fucking on heaven's door.                                                                               -Yours truly

In Russia, IMC.                                                                                                                -Russian reversals on cmi. (Inspired by uncyclopedia)

Beauty lies in the ass of the beholder.                                                                          - the one posing as nonlinear

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